Haunt down these spirits, before they disappear...

From spooky serves to creepy cocktails, we’ve caught the most frightful (and delicious) spirits for you this Hallowe’en. 

Creepy Cocktails

Conjure up one of these devilishly tasty potions!

Blood Orange Diablo

45ml Crystal Head Onyx
22 ½ml Créme de Mure
15ml Blood Orange Juice
60ml Ginger Beer

How To: Add all ingredients to a collins glass with crushed ice and stir. Garnish with a dehydrated blood orange wheel.

Bitter the devil you know

25ml Smokehead Sherry Cask Blast
25ml Campari
25ml Sweet Vermouth

How To: Grab a mixing glass and fill to the brim with ice. Now pour in the trio of spirits and give it all a stir for 30 seconds. Now time to reap the rewards. Pour over a rocks glass with one of those massive ice cubes and garnish with an orange twist.

Dragons Blood

BEWARE, this shot of Fireball Whisky is a spicy one...   

1 part Fireball Whisky
1 to 10 drops of hot sauce

How To: Mix together and serve as a shot

The Kraken Amok

Pairs well with mischief and curses. Try if you dare.

2 oz Kraken 94
3 oz Pineapple Juice
3 oz Orange Juice
2 oz Apple Brandy
1 oz Blue Curaçao
1 tsp. Silver Cake Shimmer

How to: Combine all ingredients in a hurricane or goblet glass. Add silver cake shimmer and stir to mix. Garnish with apple slices.