How to make a

Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger
Difficulty level
Highball Glass

50ml Ukiyo Japanese Vodka
70ml Orange Juice
15ml Galliano L'Authentico 


Hawthorn Strainer

Calories: Approximately 220 per serving

History: The Harvey Wallbanger, a cocktail of vodka, Galliano, and orange juice, was popularized in the 1970s. Allegedly named after a tipsy surfer, its creation is credited to mixologist Donato "Duke" Antone, with marketing help from Galliano's company.

step 1 Fill a shaker with ice
step 2 Add all ingredients to the shaker.
step 3 Shake ingredients firmly
step 4 Fill highball glass with ice
step 5 Strain ingredients in to ice filled glass
step 6 Garnish with an Orange Wheel and serve

Make it at home

Add all to basket
Ukiyo Rice Vodka
Add to basket
Galliano L'autentico Liqueur
Add to basket

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