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Batavia Arrack


ABV%: 48%
Country: Indonesia
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About this product
Discover the unique and exotic flavours of Batavia Arrack, a traditional Indonesian spirit with a rich history and distinctive character. Crafted with meticulous care, Batavia Arrack is made from a blend of sugarcane molasses and fermented red rice, giving it a complex and intriguing flavor profile. With each sip, experience the enticing aromas of tropical fruits, spice, and hints of earthiness. The medium-bodied nature and unique flavours of Batavia Arrack make it a versatile choice for cocktails, adding a touch of depth and exotic flair. Whether used in classic tiki drinks or innovative mixology creations, Batavia Arrack offers a taste of Indonesia's rich cultural heritage and the exotic allure of this traditional spirit. Elevate your spirits journey with the captivating allure of Batavia Arrack.

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