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Joseph Cartron Poire Williams Eaux de Vie

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The fruits are harvested, brought to maturity, crushed, and fermented. Fermentation is a delicate process that takes several weeks and takes place in vats. The two itinerant distillers, with whom we've worked for decades, then proceed to the distillation, which is performed in a typical Burgundian copper pot-still. The distillers are experienced practitioners who work by ear, eye, and instinct (as they say themselves). This knowledge is passed down from father to son. The distillers carefully distinguish the first and last runnings from the distillation's heart, which is held exclusively and has a 50 percent alcohol content.

Tasting Note:
The first wave is full of ripe fruit and has a subtle aromatic freshness to it. After spinning, the second wave brings out and intensifies the aromas. Good ripe fruit with a lovely finesse and no heaviness or flaws. The texture is round, oily, silky, and complements the fruit well. There are no flaws, and there is a lot of beauty.

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